On The Daily: Happy Holidays!

Even Santa can't get away from the hype!


Happy Holidays from Solo RM & ST!ZO.

CUSTOM KICKS: NY State of Mind SB Dunks

The customer wanted a pair of SBs that reminded him of his old stomping grounds. He wanted to incorporate the sights of the city along with the graffiti that he loved most of all. We agreed on a Lime green and Blue colorway with a silver swoosh. The rest was concocted straight from the dome piece. Enjoy...

CUSTOM KICKS: Goku Tribute AF-1s

A Dragon Ball Z themed pair. The client wanted to show 4 stages of transformation of the main character GOKU. After we agreed on a design, here was the outcome...

ON THE DAILY: Bridgeport Blues

This one is based off of a true story out of Chicago...stay tuned!


I was asked to create a pair of Halo dunks for a professional gamer. He wanted them to wear at his next event in Vegas. I based them off of the battle armor that Master Chief wears in the video game. I haven't included detailed shots in fear of bootleggers..instead, I put together a nice teaser video! Enjoy...

Video Shoot: Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid of Living Colour stopped by the other day. This is a quick teaser commercial for the product videos being spliced in the lab. The custom Parker guitar will be his main axe on the Experiencing Hendrix tour. It glows in the dark! Pretty sick...

Vernon...one cool dude.

Certificate of Authenticity

My friend Debbie recently started a letterpress business and is on the verge of greatness. We collaborated and came up with this design that I will be including with all of my custom shoes from here on out. I have had problems with China stealing my designs and mass producing them....long story. This is something that will give my customers that extra seal of approval to add along with the lacelocks. I am really happy with the turnout. Check out her blog Penelope's Press. Here's a sneak peek...

Video Shoot: DEAL

An oldie but goodie. This piece, featuring DEAL, was for the FreshMen on RubyHornet.com. With this column, I showcase people that I have had the chance to collaborate with in my lifetime. These people deserve their shine and I am trying to make that happen.

Video Shoot: George Lynch

I had the chance to film guitar legend George Lynch as he was tweaking his new Lynchbox Amplifier Series for Randall Amps. Here is a little teaser I put together for his new line. It will be followed by behind the scenes video sneak peeks of each of the new items that Randall has created for him...


You know I had to get a flick...Thanks George.

Flyer Design pt.2: The Goodness

I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of people in the Chicago music scene. DJ Rude One (deejay, producer, promoter, parakeet wrangler...etc.) plays a huge part in keeping the Hip Hop scene alive. Three years ago, he decided to start a night called the Goodness.

Basically, he wanted to throw memorable parties with acts that he liked and play with the deejays that he wanted to spin with. To this day, the Goodness is still going strong and I'm glad to be a part of the movement. Here are a few of the flyers that I designed for the many parties that have taken place in Chicago...

Hot Sauce!

Designed a quick label as a promo piece for a new line of Amplifiers by Randall called the Diavlo series. It turned out better than I expected, so I would like to share it with the party people...

On The Daily: Holey Socks!

A new On The Daily strip based on a true story...stay tuned and spread the worrrrrd! Thanks!

MUSIC: Lethal DOS Mix | Runway Music

Happy friday people! Here is a mix put together by LETHAL DOS, a deejay duo comprised of mentor DJ Benzo and myself, for RubyHornet. It was released a few months back, but I think it is worthy for another free download. Get it while you can!
click here

Sneak & Eat 2010

I have a column on RubyHornet.com called the FreshMen. My latest entry is a recap of the 2010 Sneak & Eat event in Hyde Park. Some of the heavy hitters in the Chicago sneaker game were in attendance in an effort to promote unity within the community.  Check it out...

Guitar Legends Ad

This month's collectors edition Guitar Legends Magazine features Jimi Hendrix and my ad for the Randall MTS series! Who doesn't like exploding text?

Silkscreening: On The Daily

This weekend I did my first multi-color job on the ol' silkscreen machine. It was for the cartoon strip that I work on with Solo RM called "On The Daily"(www.onthedailychi.blogspot.com). The front had our 3 color logo and the back had our URL. We wanted to have some promo materials besides flyers for the "Sneak and Eat" event on the southside this weekend.
I ran into a couple speedbumps with the first 2 shirts, but the others were smooth sailing. Silkscreening is an exact science...if one thing is off, it could mess up your whole job. I had to deal with paint consistency, exposure times and setup, drying between colors and the cleanup of the Plastisol ink. Overall, I was happy with them and I'm ready for the next challenge.
Here are some pics for the party people...

Guitar World Ad

This was a collaborative effort to start a marketing campaign for Washburn guitars with the tag line: "We Build Them, You Rock Them."   This month's Guitar World 3-D collectors edition features a spread that I designed for the campaign. Stay tuned...

Flyer Design pt.1

From time to time I am asked to do flyers for clubs/events in the city. The turn around time is insane sometimes, but I like the challenge. Here are just a few past designs for pupil perusal. More to come...

Photoshoot: Greg Tribbett

I got the chance to go to the UPROAR fest in Tinley Park a couple of weeks ago to deliver a guitar and photograph Greg Tribbett (Hellyeah/Mudvayne) for Washburn Guitars. It really wasn't my scene, but it was a good experience. I got to hang out backstage with the roadies, load up on Rockstar energy drink and stand in the pit to take live shots. Big Ups to the sound guy for hooking me up with earplugs. These were some of the approved pics...

Let's start this...

What's up interwebs?! I finally sat down and got my blog on. Stay tuned for updates on concepts, creations and collabs coming out of the lab.