Video Shoot: Scott Ian

I jumped into the pit at the House of Blues to shoot video of Randall artist Scott Ian (Anthrax) in the super group the Damned Things. We did a little Q & A before the show talking about his signature model amp that I designed the modules on. Here's the final product hot off the press...

American Songwriter Ad

This is the first ad in a campaign to showcase the heritage of the Washburn Guitar brand. I took a press picture of Madonna Nash (Washburn Artist) and placed our logo, tagline and an acoustic from our line in the blank space. I distressed the images to give them an old weathered advertisement feel.'s a closer look..


It's been a while and I have been crazy busy...time to catch up! This project was a t-shirt design for Chicago-based label All Natural, Inc. and Uprise Skateshop. They basically wanted to do a shirt that celebrated their longevity in the game. I sent them a few designs, but they settled on the record and skateboard combo separated by the Chicago stars. It took a couple back and forth emails to get the vintaging on the record and deck correct, but in the end, we were all happy with the outcome.