When I get some free time, I like to create things that I can use. I had this Stormtrooper helmet chillin' on my shelf and thought that it might be cooler as a speaker. I drilled out some earholes and installed some Sennheiser headphones to fill the space. It came out pretty nice, but my brain was still in fresh mode, so I figured out a way to install green LED lights in the eyes. I also had to swap out the eye lenses with mesh 'cuz it gets pretty hot in there...even without the lights. I actually used this helmet to deejay a club last Halloween and it worked perfectly. It was funny to see people bug out when I flipped the lights on.
I looked like an intergalactic pumpkin!

Equilibrium Urban Survival Gear is a company that designs and manufactures modular accessories. Each year, they give artists a chance to have their creations become part of their line by hosting an invite only contest. I have been fortunate to have been selected to participate 3 years in a row and this design is one of my favorites. I took inspiration from a pair of shoes in my collection (Eric Haze Ltd. Edition New Balance M574) and started sketching out some ideas. The end result was a piece that I dubbed GRAFSPINE. 
Here are some closer shots of the artwork.

Video Shoot: Solo RM

The latest addition to the FreshMen video series on I sit down with graffiti artist/ illustrator Solo RM as he tells me about some of his influences and explains the concept behind the comic strip that we work on called "On The Daily". Look out for more from Solo and On The Daily in the near future.