Certificate of Authenticity

My friend Debbie recently started a letterpress business and is on the verge of greatness. We collaborated and came up with this design that I will be including with all of my custom shoes from here on out. I have had problems with China stealing my designs and mass producing them....long story. This is something that will give my customers that extra seal of approval to add along with the lacelocks. I am really happy with the turnout. Check out her blog Penelope's Press. Here's a sneak peek...

Video Shoot: DEAL

An oldie but goodie. This piece, featuring DEAL, was for the FreshMen on RubyHornet.com. With this column, I showcase people that I have had the chance to collaborate with in my lifetime. These people deserve their shine and I am trying to make that happen.

Video Shoot: George Lynch

I had the chance to film guitar legend George Lynch as he was tweaking his new Lynchbox Amplifier Series for Randall Amps. Here is a little teaser I put together for his new line. It will be followed by behind the scenes video sneak peeks of each of the new items that Randall has created for him...


You know I had to get a flick...Thanks George.

Flyer Design pt.2: The Goodness

I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of people in the Chicago music scene. DJ Rude One (deejay, producer, promoter, parakeet wrangler...etc.) plays a huge part in keeping the Hip Hop scene alive. Three years ago, he decided to start a night called the Goodness.

Basically, he wanted to throw memorable parties with acts that he liked and play with the deejays that he wanted to spin with. To this day, the Goodness is still going strong and I'm glad to be a part of the movement. Here are a few of the flyers that I designed for the many parties that have taken place in Chicago...

Hot Sauce!

Designed a quick label as a promo piece for a new line of Amplifiers by Randall called the Diavlo series. It turned out better than I expected, so I would like to share it with the party people...

On The Daily: Holey Socks!

A new On The Daily strip based on a true story...stay tuned and spread the worrrrrd! Thanks!