MUSIC: All Natural Inc. | MC ADAD

All Natural Inc., a well respected Chicago based label, hit me up to create artwork for their artist MC ADAD. They provided me with a couple of pictures and just let me roll with it. The first cover was a single called Space Invaders featuring Fashawn and Naledge from Kids in the Hall.

Then came the mixtape named "P.S. I'm Next"

MC ADAD is a solid artist with nice flows and great wordplay. I've had the opportunity to perform with him and he definitely knows how to rip the mic as well as skillfully wield a camera.  
Big ups to ADAD and the ALL NATURAL family tree.


An up and coming sneaker brand out of Chicago requested my assistance to help with branding. Coveted Kicks aka CVTD Chicago is a company that was spawned from the goal of making custom shoes available to the masses in limited runs. These shoes are designed by some of the world's top shoe customizers and are made with the finest materials. First we had to tackle the logo. Something easily recognizable that spoke to the brands characteristics (premium quality streetwear). 
After a few brainstorming sessions, we agreed on this...

The owner already had the shoe styles and colorways selected, but we needed some shoe details, such as the sole, tongue tags, box design and apparel to launch with the sneakers. 
Here are some peeks from the product shoot.

Next on the agenda was a CVTD teaser video. 
I'm pretty happy with the outcome even though one of my cameras was down.

The website needs some serious updating and shoe production has begun. 
Stay tuned and be on the lookout for this brand!

LOGO DESIGN: Dirty Horror

A new blog out of California called DIRTY HORROR hit me up to put together a logo for them. They wanted to have a particular movie still and the feel of Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse melded together to create the logo that you see down below! BANG!
If you like horror movies, you might want to peep the site.

LOGO DESIGN: Element Pain and Wellness Center

It's been a minute! I haven't been able to keep my work/sleep schedule regular and the blog has been suffering. This logo was created for a chiropractor that wanted to incorporate his chemical background with his current occupation. 
We went back and forth a few times and it evolved into this...
Check out Element and fix yourself...