Silkscreening: On The Daily

This weekend I did my first multi-color job on the ol' silkscreen machine. It was for the cartoon strip that I work on with Solo RM called "On The Daily"( The front had our 3 color logo and the back had our URL. We wanted to have some promo materials besides flyers for the "Sneak and Eat" event on the southside this weekend.
I ran into a couple speedbumps with the first 2 shirts, but the others were smooth sailing. Silkscreening is an exact science...if one thing is off, it could mess up your whole job. I had to deal with paint consistency, exposure times and setup, drying between colors and the cleanup of the Plastisol ink. Overall, I was happy with them and I'm ready for the next challenge.
Here are some pics for the party people...


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