I received a call last year from an independent manufacturer of audio/data components for a major company. They had an idea to create a brand of headphones that catered to a younger audience and asked me to head up the project...Ummm, OF COURSE! The best part of the deal was that they wanted to use my name and logo to place on the product!
Good thing both are trademarked.
From that moment, ST!ZO AUDIO was born!

I came up with multiple renderings, but because of pricing and turn around times, we decided to alter an existing style that was only available overseas. We went back and forth for many months trying different processes to color the headsets to set them apart from competitors and found one that worked perfectly. Cord selection also ranked high in my design criteria. Being a deejay, I wanted something that would transmit the sound clearly while giving it a sturdy feel. Nobody likes flimsy wires! Here is a look at some of the prototypes...

I was happy with the look and feel of the initial samples and the sound quality was on point! I went on to design the packaging for their presentation to the big wigs and they were received well. It has been a few months since the unveiling of the prototypes and now it's up to the company to decide whether or not integrate them into their line at this point. Who knows what the future will bring?


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