MUSIC: | Closed Sessions vol.2, a Chicago based website/label, recently had a project called Closed Sessions Vol.2 that needed artwork. Closed Sessions Vol. 2 was recorded from May, 2010 through January, 2012 and features a collection of artists that help to shape Hip Hop music and culture during that time period.  Closed Sessions Vol. 2 presents Hip Hop fans with new music, as well as a candid look into the creative process of many talented artists. RubyHornet partnered up with MTV2 to put out a behind the scenes documentary to show the making of this project...I was happy to be a part of it.
They liked the feel and look of old school vinyl album covers, 
so I came up with this cover for the project...
 They liked the direction that I took with the artwork, so they asked if I could continue the feel on the individual releases that were leaked every week. For inspiration, I looked at old jazz, rock and soul record sleeves to give them an authentic feel...

As you can see, the list of artists included some up and coming artists as well as some seasoned veterans in the game. If you want to give it a listen/download, click the link.

Much success to the RubyHornet crew & MTV2. Thank you for the opportunity.


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