This request was a first for me. A customer asked me if I had ever customized a guitar. He wanted to give his close friend a going away present before he left for Norway. At a past job I use to design graphics for guitars, but I have never physically painted one for a client. He wanted me to incorporate the Norwegian flag, a company logo, the anarchy symbol and a picture of rapper Tech 9 into the composition. I sent him a digital mockup of what I had in mind, he sent me the Seagull acoustic guitar and I started to plan my attack on the project. All of the graphics came together well and I applied a black fade around the edges to give it a weathered appearance (customer request) and my logo on the headstock. Everything went smoothly and I was happy with the results. 
Sometimes I surprise myself...


Unknown said... / September 5, 2014 at 12:57 PM  

I think its a good idea. Could be a great way to advertise your company!

" custom logo design"

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